Easy Spring Fashion

Today’s post is brought to you by our fashion contributor Tehmina. She is a happilyTehmina, fashion contributor married mom of a beautiful 4 month old baby girl, who keeps Tehmina on her toes! She is a good friend of mine from college, who always looks amazing and on trend (unlike yours truly, who lives in jeans and Gap sweatshirts). Look for her monthly fashion updates on the blog! She will also be updating our Facebook page with great deals on all things fashion and baby.

You in the yoga pants and  t-shirt! Yes, YOU! This fashion blog is for YOU! Those of you looking after of a toddler, who thinks pots are a musical instrument, or tending to an infant through the restless nights with no end in sight. I am here to take care of your fashion needs because let’s face it, after giving birth and trying to raise a tiny human into an upstanding model citizen, you need to get your groove back. So, allow me to get you out of your cozy pregnancy sweatpants (yes, I know you’re still wearing them!) and turn you into the fashionista you use to be.I have always felt that fashion is fundamental to making you look and feel good. After all, you are what you wear!

I put together two gorgeous spring looks that you can easily pull together. Heck, some of these items you might already have in your closet. They are easy on the eyes by using shades of pastels.

For the first look, I matched a black and white vertical striped shirt with mint jeans.   I used brown as a tertiary shade for the simple accessories, a belt and retro sunglasses. The shoes finish this relaxed, yet ‘put-together’ look.
The Novice Crafters Rule Book
For the second look, I love this denim shirt and these coral-colored jeans together! I used beige as a neutral base for the accessories, a cross-body purse and simple sandals. This allows the blue denim to be the focal point of this outfit.The earrings add a bit of sparkle.

The Novice Crafters Rule Book

The idea is to match a neutral color with a pastel shade to give you that ‘on-trend’ look. Don’t feel constrained by these options, these are only example looks. Feel free to change things up and make it your own. I prefer wearing flats, but a good pair of cognac or nude pumps can also match well with the above outfit. Don’t like coral? Swap the pants out for another pastel color. The possibilities are endless!



Disclaimer: Any products featured here are not sponsored in any way. We simply love them!



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