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DIY Handprint Fruit Painting

Rule #4: When painting with kids, always use washable paint. Unless you like multicolored furniture and clothing. 

Mother’s Day is tomorrow! I have the perfect craft-y gift for you, made with supplies you probably already have at home. You can make this on canvas (like I did) or on cardstock and then frame it. This would also make a cute card!

DIY Handprint Fruit Artwork


Canvas (or cardstock)

Washable kids paint

Small paintbrush

Black paint pen

Baby wipes

My painted canvas

My painted canvas

Step 1: (optional) Paint the whole canvas a solid color. If you are using cardstock, don’t paint the whole thing (it will cause the cardstock to roll up and look weird!) just use colored cardstock instead!

Handprint strawberries and grapes

Handprint strawberries and grapes

Step 2: Decide which fruits/vegetables you want to include. I choose strawberries, grapes, and blueberries. Apples, carrots, cherries, and oranges are some other cute options! To make strawberries, apply a thick layer of red paint to your child’s entire palm (except for their thumb) using  a paintbrush. Press your child’s hand down firmly, keep their fingers together, and trying not to move it around. Clean their hand immediately with the baby wipes. (With small, wiggly children, this is a two person operation. One person holding the child,and the other painting the hand and pressing)

Step 3: To make the blueberries and grapes, apply a thick layer of paint to your child’s finger. Press down firmly, then lift and press down in another spot. Reapply paint as needed. Clean the child’s finger with baby wipes. Allow the paint to dry completely (approximately one hour).

Adding the accents with green paint. Wow! It really looks like fruit now.

Adding the accents with green paint. Wow! It really looks like fruit now.

Step 4: Add any accents (leaves, etc) with a small paint brush. I used a paint pen to draw on the strawberry seeds. Allow to the paint to dry.

Step 5:(optional) Add a word or two to the painting using a paint pen. Hang (or frame) and enjoy!


DIY Fruit Artwork



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