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How Pinteresting! May

My favorite pins this month are super simple! Who wants to fuss with intricate crafts and complicated recipes in this gorgeous weather? Relax and enjoy these effortless recipes and tutorials.


These jalapeno cheddar chicken burgers by Annie’s Eats will change the way you grill. If you have dismissed the humble chicken burger before, these burgers will change your mind. They are flavorful and delicious, while still being light and healthy.

Food Network – Spicy Sweet Potato Oven Fries

What goes better with a burger than fries? Put away those limp frozen french fries and try these spicy sweet potato oven fries by Food Network’s Ingrid Hoffman.  Even sweet potato haters (like my husband) will love these crispy, spice-encrusted fries. I don’t even bother making the avocado dip mentioned in the recipe, these fries are perfect on their own.


Me, Redone – DIY Wood Cleaner

I finally kicked my Pledge addiction when I made this wood cleaner by Me, Redone. It has only four all-natural ingredients and it smells great!  The cleaner works great on wood and stainless steel appliances (effectively kicking my stainless steel cleaner addiction too).

Maskcara – 4 Minute Makeup

With the weather warming up, my social calendar is filling with the picnics and dinner parties. This 4-minute make up tutorial by Maskcara make it easy to have a pretty, put-together look quickly. While there are quite a few products involved (8 different makeup products and 3 brushes), it’s simple to do. It’s amazing what a little bronzer and illuminating concealer can do.

Growing a Jeweled Rose -Frozen Slime

I haven’t tried making this Frozen slime by Growing a Jeweled Rose yet, but I’m sure my 3 year old will love it! It only requires two ingredients(sparkly glue and liquid laundry starch) and can be made in a variety of different colors. While it does require some planning ahead (the ingredients must be refrigerated before you begin), it is a simple activity for a rainy day.

What is your favorite pin this month? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!





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