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DIY Bumble Bee Greeting Card

For us, May and June are packed full of family and friend’s birthdays. R loves making cards for these special occasions. This bumble bee card is super simple and could even be used as a father’s day card! DIY Bumble Bee Card   Materials CardstockSupplies Scissors Paintbrush Yellow Kid’s Craft Paint Baby wipes 2-3 Other colors of craft paint (optional) Scrapbooking Glue Blank Card Pen DIY Bumble Bee Card Step 1. Apply a thick layer of yellow paint to your child’s thumb, using a paintbrush. Press down firmly, then lift and press down in another spot. Reapply paint as needed. Clean the child’s finger with baby wipes. Allow the paint to dry completely (approximately 30 minutes). DIY Bumble Bee Card Step 2. (optional) If you are feeling particularly artsy, paint some flowers onto your cardstock. Please excuse my poor attempts at flowers. DIY Bumble Bee Card Step 3. After the paint is fully dry, use a pen to outline each of the bees. Then, add details like wings, stripes, eyes, antennas, and of course smiles! Step 4. Trim the cardstock down to fit on the blank card. Adhere the cardstock to the blank card using the scrapbook glue. Then, add a cute message inside! For birthdays we wrote: Happy BEE-Day For father’s day you could write: Have you heard the BUZZ? You are the Father of the Year! 
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