An Annoucement

I’m thrilled to announcement the launch of a new series: 30 Ramadan Acts of Kindness. Much of the Muslim world began the month of fasting, Ramadan, this weekend. Day-long fasts will stretch through the long, hot month of July, culminating in Eid-ul-Fitr. While fasting, Muslims are encouraged to focus on their faith and charity (not how many cookies they stuff into their mouth at one time). This focus on charity (and cookies) is what brought about 30 Ramadan Acts of Kindness. All this month, I will focus on how to improve our communities one act of kindness at a time.  Feel free to grab the icon below to show your friends, family, EVERYONE that you will be committing acts of kindness this mouth.

Ramadan Acts


Use the hashtag #30RamadanActsofKindness on Instagram or Facebook to chronicle your good deeds. Each week, I will feature my favorite acts of kindness that you all post.

This week’s kindness will focus on your family, because charity begins at home. Here is a list of suggestions:

  • Do a family member’s hated chore (e.g. taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn)
  • Give your family members extra patience during this month. It’s easy to become frustrated or upset with your loved ones when you are hangry.
  • Make your loved one favorite meal for suhoor or iftaar.
  • Take your children on special outing (e.g. children’s museum, the park, bowling, etc)
  • Make an Ramadan calender for your children (more on this tomorrow!)
  • Skype/call lonely family members (Call4Sale is an excellent calling card option for calling those overseas)
  • Send pictures and small gifts to your parents/inlaws (they LOVE getting gifts and drawings for children)

What Ramadan Act of kindness have you done this week?



7 thoughts on “An Annoucement

  1. Nice to read. Though I am not a Muslim and therefore, not observing fasting this Ramadan, but I really liked your post. I would love to tell my Muslim friends about this blog so that they can find some helpful tips here. Keep writing
    Have a blissful Ramadan. Ramadan Quotes


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