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Ramadan Countdown Calendar

This is part of the 30 Ramadan Acts of Kindness series. For more information, read this introduction.

I made my 3-year-old a Ramadan calender last year, which she absolutely loved!  Sadly, the calender got squished in her closet after Ramadan was over.  This year, I resolved to make a prettier and more sturdy calender that I can reuse year after year. After perusing Pinterest for hours, I came up with this simple calender using items available at most craft stores.

Simple Ramadan Countdown Calendar



I found the "medium" sized boxes were too large

I found the “medium” sized boxes were too large


Foam Board (available in a variety of colors)


3M Command Hooks Small Decorative Hooks 40 count (clear)

30 small takeout boxes (I used two different sizes and a variety of colors, but that’s optional)

Large number stickers

Small toys, candies, stickers, or activities (I did combination)






Step 1: Put together the takeout boxes. This usually involves folding the flaps down, but your box may vary.

Ramadan Countdown Calendar

Step 2: Arrange the boxes on the foam board. I did six rows of five boxes each. Using a pencil, mark where each box should go. Set the boxes aside.

Step 3: Attach the hooks, using the directions provided on the packaging.

Ramadan Countdown Calendar

Step 4: Fill the boxes with treats and affix the numbers 1-30 to the fronts of the boxes.

Ramadan Countdown Calendar

Step 5: Hang the foam board on the wall. (I used push pins, but Command Strips would probably look better) Put the boxes on the appropriate hooks.

The banner shown above is courtesy of Sakina Design. They are free and available in two color schemes(Pink/plum and blue/green).

Are you doing a Ramadan Countdown Calendar this year? What kinds of activities/treats are including? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the proceeds, which goes towards buying more craft supplies and great new content! However, all of these opinions are completely my own and I listed them because I love them! (and I hope you will too)








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