30 Ramadan Acts of Kindness – Donation

This is part of the 30 Ramadan Acts of Kindness series. For more information, read this introduction. Ramadan Acts2 The purpose of this initiative is to encourage every Muslim (and Non-Muslims too!) to complete one act of kindness each day during the month of Ramadan. These can be simple as smiling at strangers on the street  or  inviting others to cut ahead of you at the grocery store. Last week, I focused my kindness on my family. My acts of kindness included:

  • Making a Ramadan Countdown calendar for my children
  • Making elaborate iftaaris for my family (yes, this counts after an 18-hour long fast)
  • Taking my children to a local children’s museum
  • Attempting (ahem..) to show more patience to my children
  • Getting/making treats for my family
  • Doing my husband’s hated chore (taking the trash cans out to the curb. EWWW!)

These were all quick and simple things ( except for that visit to the children’s museum… that was a long afternoon) that improved my family members’ week. This week I’m focusing on donation and I hope you join me! Here are some suggestions of things you can do  as a Ramadan Act of Kindness:

  • Donate old clothes/shoes/toys (Goodwill or Salvation Army)
  • Buy and donate new toiletries/underwear to homeless shelters (more on doing this cheap later this week)
  • Knit blankets or small squares for charity (more on this tomorrow!)
  • Donate old sheets/comforters/towels to animal shelters
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen/food bank
  • Donate new toys/art supplies to your local children’s hospital
  • Donate non-perishables to food banks/soup kitchen
  • Donate old books/DVDs to your local library (check if your library has a used book sale)

Grab the button above to tell your mom, your friends, EVERYONE that you will committing 30 Ramadan Acts of Kindness this month. Post about your Ramadan acts of Kindness on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the hash tag #30RamadanActsofKindness and I may feature your act of kindness in my next post! What was your Ramadan Act of Kindness today? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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