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Ramadan Acts of Kindness – The final days

This post is part of my Ramadan Acts of Kindness series, read more about it here.

Ramadan Acts of Kindness

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Ramadan, full of prayer, food, and fellowship. These past few weeks, I’ve watched as my friends and family have committed Ramadan Acts of Kindness big and small.

Some of my favorites were:

School Supply Drive

1. My friend Darren got involved with a school supply drive at his local mosque. He bought school supplies for fifty children in low income areas. These children will now be equipped to go to school, ready to learn!

2. My husband donated three cases of water bottles to our local mosque. The mosque distributes these bottles to thirsty worshipers during taraweeh (Special prayers during Ramadan that go for hours).


3. My friend Sehrish bought bags full of art supplies for local children’s hospital. Crayons galore!

4. My daughters picked out toys for sick children at local children’s hospital. While there was a little fussing, they handled it rather well.They also helped pack forty small treat bags to hand out to children at Eid namaaz Monday.

As Ramadan comes to a close, I’m focusing my Ramadan Acts of Kindness on service people and random individual in my community. Want to join me? Here are some suggestions:

  • Leave a large tip for your waiter or waitress at your favorite restaurant.
  • Place a small snack or a cold water bottle in your mailbox for your mail person.
  • Drop off treats for the staff of your child’s day care or summer camp.
  • Bring a fruit basket or other treats for the imam at your local masjid. Take this opportunity to ask what assistance he needs at the mosque.
  • Drop off treats at your local fire house or police station.
  •  Bring balloons (Mylar only, no latex) or flowers to your local children’s hospital.
  • Hand out gift cards to random people at your local Wal-mart or grocery store.
  • Put money in parking meters (or tape it on).
  • Tape quarters onto vending machines (the hospital is a great place to do this).
  • Leave gas gifts cards in strangers’ cars.
  • Find out what your local hospital needs and do it!

What are Ramadan Acts of Kindness do you plan on doing this weekend? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.


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